By BlueRam aka William
Note: Article put up a day late due to extreme power outages rolling through my native state of Ohio. I apologize to my handful of fans out there.

In a time when I was still naive, unaware of the realms that the multiverse contained, I allied myself with three creatures. Each one held what I believed to be immeasurable power. Each one was a trusted friend, with whom I waged war against my foes.

Kaalia of the Vast, the fiercest avenger, smote the enemies who stood before her with reckless abandon. Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund, brought ruination to my opponent’s ranks, devouring those foolish enough get within claw’s reach. Rith, the Awakener, sowed armies strong enough to rival that of the ancient eldrazi of Zendikar, and it was her armies that I wanted to preserve.

As the enemies I faced grew in power, I knew more power was needed to survive. My ambitions lead me to scour the multiverse for the strongest spells it had to offer. Kaalia grew fiercer as we obtained the mythical swords of Mirrodin, and learned tectonic shattering techniques to sever mana bonds. Karrthus’s flight of thundering infernos grew larger with each new world we visited, each new member fighting amongst themselves to get ahead in the pecking order.

Together we battled, together we grew. Everyone was getting stronger…except for Rith. Rith, who was a relic from a past that hadn’t seen the horrors that a Primeval Titan or a Blightsteel Colossus could bring. In the end, we opted to part ways, hoping that I would need her someday in the future.

Rith may have left, but I still needed her army.

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