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by Judson AKA GUDoug




Greetings everyone!  On this week’s Dusters Donny has an interesting necklace. As always I hope you enjoy the comic.

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This entry is part 36 of 79 in the series Rival's Duel

erdnHello everyone and welcome to another episode of Rival’s Duel. This week, Eric and Nole take on something different. Commander players often talk about the social contract as a list of ideals for the perfect EDH experience. However, rarely do people talk about how to actually effect change in their group. Eric and Nole try to give tools to the listeners on how to be the agent of positive change for their playgroups. They also take a look at the first few DTK spoilers and put out a call for listener help to build an EDH deck. As always, full shownotes after the break.







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