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By William aka BlueRam Olivia Voldaren
 “In Rakdos-controlled neighborhoods, everyone is part of the show.”
Welcome boys and girls, to my very own little piece of Commandercast treasure as well as our season finale. I am Olivia Voldaren, and I shall be your host on this evening after the glorious night of All Hallow’s Eve. Oh, I do hope you all enjoyed your sweets. I know I will. <3

Last week, William got a challenge to create a circus-themed Rakdos deck. Of course, I had to persuade him otherwise, and by “persuade”, I mean I asked him to chop an onion for me and the acid blinded him.


I thought they were tacky anyway.

Since he won’t be able to see anything for at least a week, I kindly volunteered my services to pen the article myself. Aren’t I a sweet thing?

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By Sean aka SwordsToPlow

Most people are smart enough to avoid staring directly at the sun.  The density of foils in my Commander decks can cause a similar danger to the eyes.  Recently I discovered that forcing other players to wear sunglasses to read my cards isn’t as fun for them as it is for me.  When Johnnie Walker isn’t reminding me of my undeniable greatness, I come to the realization that maybe, just maybe, Commander isn’t a dick measuring competition.  It is in these brief moments of sobriety that I realize a game should be fun for everyone involved. 

 Powering down a deck is about focusing on goals that may be separate from winning.  In terms of video games, powering down happens when you have won the game and now it’s time to unlock all the achievements and extra levels.  You will still be trying to win the game.  You will also be trying to win in a very particular way.  Shooting an apple is fun.  Shooting an apple, off a panda’s head, while blindfolded, is a blast.

 It pains me to admit that I am not perfect.   I know this may come as a shock to the few of you that do stare at the sun.  When it comes to inventing new bat shit crazy ideas for decks, I draw a blank.  When I need pure creativity, I go to the coked up Andy Warhol of the online Commander community, Andrew Magrini.  I mean that in the nicest way, of course.  My logic based brain just can’t contemplate how he comes up with the constant stream of Evil Kenevil/Wile E. Coyote inspired deck ideas.

 Andrew’s latest goal is to gain the ‘Avalanche’ achievement.  While regular players may want to use creatures or spells to take out their opponents, Andrew things it would be a great idea to beat somebody to death with some basic lands. Well sir;

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i wannt shark
lol we got him again

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By Sean aka SwordsToPlow

It ain’t easy in this world for a pimp.

Magic the Gathering is known as a TCG(Trading Card Game) or CCG (Collectible Card Game).  For many players like myself the trading and collecting portion of Magic is just as important as playing.  Some players work on building their collections based on value.  They treat collecting and trading like a business.  Other players take the pokemon approach and try to collect all the Magic cards.  Still more players try to collect the unusual and hard to find, to have on display or in a binder.  Those of us obsessed with ‘pimping’ trade and collect to make our decks flashy and unique. 

Like actual pimps, we usually blow right past ‘tastefully done’ and right into ‘you have got to be fucking kidding me’ territory.  Instead of having our decks represent a fine designer suit, our decks more likely represent a neon-green, leopard-print, trench coat with matching bell bottoms, hat, and cane.  We don’t realize how ridiculous we look to other people.   Most people don’t mind, and can even appreciate a cool foil or rare card here and there.  When your whole deck glows like the case in a mall jewelry shop, people get overwhelmed.  See example;

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Playing Commander long enough gives you a skewed perspective.  Recently my friend, Andrew, asked me a question that took the wind out of me. It was such a simple question that didn’t have a simple answer. “How do you build unusual decks?”  This forced me to look at my own deck building process in a general sense.  Without going into specifics, how do you build a unique deck?

I used to think that the idea for a deck must be unique for the deck to be unique.  I have got a bit of an ego; I think I am pretty awesome.  However, I am not so far over the narcissistic edge that I believe I can regularly think of deck ideas that 40 other Commander Players could never come up with.  Any deck can be made unique.   It just takes a little bit of effort. Read the rest of this entry »

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Group Hug is like an uncle that wants to give you a backrub. You know he isn’t doing it for your good.  Wizards decided it wanted to include one creepy uncle as part of the Commander precon series, Political PuppetsPolitical Puppets was a big steaming pile of terrible.  If it wasn’t for Fluster Storm and Chaos Warp, these would still be on the shelf.  Players would have been willing to just buy the singles online and build around the new legends.  Today’s article is for those of you who accidentally bought this precon and want to try and salvage it into something that you don’t feel embarrassed to play.

I realize that I am biased in the direction of throwing this heap in the fire and just building a new Commander deck, so I got some help from Uriah over at CMDRdecks.  Uriah has the distinction of playing the first Zedruu deck I have ever seen win a game of Commander.  Today we will be covering $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 upgrades to a Zedruu based Political Puppets deck.  Hopefully we can save you from the embarrassment of playing the stock list or just give you ideas on how to build your own Zedruu deck.
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