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By William Hernandez


Hey Commander faithful! William here to tell you about the new structures we’re putting up after MUCH delay (mostly due to everyone being busy. Damn you holiday season!) I’ll explain what we’re doing as far as content production from now on, why we’re doing it, as well as how YOU can be a part of it! So without further ado, let’s get started.


Some of you might remember that a while back, I had the opportunity to write for Dear Azami over on StarCityGames. I had a ton of fun putting the deck together, but wow was that a lot of work just to look up card prices. (Of course SCG pays well, so if I ever got offered the chance to write again I’d snap it up in a heartbeat).


After I done I realized just how easy it was to slide in and write the article. It was an established brand. They had a formula they could give the writers and take their pick based on who could produce the best content from it. Most importantly, they could alternate writers and still have a consistent product.

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