By William aka BlueRam
Zombies….why’d it have to be zombies?

Let’s be clear: zombies scare the SHIT out of me. I can’t get through a zombie flick unscathed. Every time I watch one, paranoia creeps in and I have to carry a bat around to make myself feel better.

They’re mindless, soulless monsters that can’t be reasoned with or bribed. They’re relentless ghouls that only know basic hunger, and they’ll never be satisfied.

One or two by themselves isn’t a problem. Depending on the type of zombie we’re referring to, they can be outrun (Rule #1: Cardio!), or you may be able to take them down by yourself no problem. But when they gather together in packs, or a horde if you will, then what’s to stop them from overrunning, and tearing your body apart from a hundred different directions at once? What do you do when your friends, your family, or your life partner gets attacked? What happens when you can’t save them? I can imagine fewer ways to die that are as grisly and scary as that.

But…as much as I fear them, I can’t help but love these shambling terrors of the night.

I might not be able to handle certain zombie flicks (I’ve never seen a George Romero product), but I’ve taken a shine to some of the smaller series that have been popping up recently. I just started watching The Walking Dead, and Highschool of the Dead. I’m enjoying both so far, and I LOVED Zombieland. There’s also a manga called Sankarea for those who enjoy a more humane characterization of the zombies themselves.

So naturally I when I first heard about “Horde Magic”, I jumped at the chance to try it out.

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This entry is part 8 of 23 in the series Savor That Commander Flavor

By William aka BlueRam

Okay….I’m back. I know I bugged out last week, but my screen seems to have stabilized AND I just bought a new external hard drive to back everything up. I’ve taken to leaving my laptop on with a fan on it at all times. I figure the less I jostle the screen, the less chance it has to start acting up. Here’s hoping. Wait…Griselbrand got banned?


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This entry is part 7 of 23 in the series Savor That Commander Flavor

By William aka BlueRam
You know what? This hasn’t been a fun week, AT ALL.

Writing a weekly column about flavor can be awesome…when you actually have ideas for it. So what do I do? I end up spending over half a day diving through old “Savor the Flavor” articles looking for inspiration. And boy did I find it.

Planeswalkers as commanders? Creatures unique to commander? Sure! Why not? I could even write about why we start with larger life totals. I’m sure there’s PLENTY of yarn I can spin off of this stuff! Hell, I’ve got a secret project I’m working on involving people I like to call “Tommy” and “Bob” that could be the next breakthrough in target demographics for Wizards! (Think something along the lines of Timmy, Johnny, and Spike)

But now I’m two days away from my deadline, so all of these awesome ideas need to pushed back so I can flesh them out properly. I even stopped working on an article that was almost finished for this one, just because I didn’t feel it was up to snuff, and I’m tired of putting out a half-baked articles that receive little to no feedback.

But when will I get a chance to get to it? I work a 36-hr shift from Saturday to Monday, so I only have the two days before my deadline to actually work on the meat of these stories.

Even then my computer screen keeps flickering in the most obnoxious way. It keeps me from reading anything I need to read to write my article, AND it forces me to type blind. It’ll clear up for a couple of hours afterwards, but 20 mins of non-stop flickering is a part of my life that I will NEVER get back. Instead, I spend it clenching my hands at the screen like a mystic, trying to WILL it to settle the static down and conform to my eyesight. Sometimes it even works.

I’m still relatively inexperienced too. I’m perpetually losing in my regular playgroup, and I’m tired of living through the growing pains that come with trying to get better. I refuse to make the generic good decks that are required to win in my group, and when I DO win with decks I built myself, I can’t enjoy it because of the sour mood everyone else gets in. I want to win, and win NOW! Not to mention- DAMN IT, STOP FLICKERING, YOU GOD DAMN SCREEN!!!

All of this just keep piling on, and on, and on. It’s too much to take in stride. Thinking about it just makes me so…so…ANGRY! It just makes me want to…to…AAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This entry is part 3 of 23 in the series Savor That Commander Flavor

Hello, and welcome back to the last part of my tri-facto pilot series “What’s in a General?” Last week, you might remember that took a stab at explaining what sort of person you might be depending on the general you’re using, as well as the build for that general.
We continue the stabbing by taking a look at three more possible personalities that you may or may not have had the pleasure of seeing in your own local play group.

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