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Its Wednesday again, and that means its time to tackle another deck on The Other 99.  Today we take a look at a deck submitted by a viewer named Chris Hawkins and featuring a green and white vanilla creature from Legends — Jasmine Boreal.  Ms. Boreal doesn’t even break even with her converted mana cost of 5 as a 4/5, so what the heck is this deck about?  Well the deck is certainly not a combo deck disguised with a vanilla general.  No, it is actually a theme deck.

What is that theme?  As Chris put it, imagine Jasmine as the princess in a castle, and you, the pilot of this deck, are the people trying to keep her from being rescued by Prince Charming… or Mario.  Therefore this deck plays a heavy turtle and life gain strategy in order to weather out a game until you are able to find a card and win with it.  This opens the deck up to some pretty interesting card choices, including getting to play a fairly underplayed creature type in Commander: Walls.

Another great thing about this deck is that unlike a lot of theme decks, this deck really does a great job of being both a theme deck and a good deck.  Most theme decks that I have seen have compromised playing strong cards with cards that are flavorful and fit the theme.  When building these decks, it can be very hard to strike that balance, but I think that Chris did a pretty good job doing so when he built this deck.


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Today we have a third Extra featuring three more combos for Commander.  These combos may seem pretty simple, and a couple are well known and popular, but I think that talking about combos in the realm of video is fairly important.  Warning: this may be a tangent that has little to do with EDH.

YouTube, and video in general, is a great equalizer.  How long does it take for someone to be amused by a couple of videos before work?  How often do people look up how-to vids on YouTube instead of reading forums about the subject online?

I am a very visual person.  I’m one of those people who would rather wait and watch the movie than read the book.  When it comes to learning new things, having a visual representation of them really ignites my imagination and helps me learn.  This is the primary reason Top and Go Productions and The Other 99 exist.  This is why I do videos on the nitty gritty details of strategy and combos in Commander.  I know that a lot of viewers have never even played EDH, much less know any of the combos or strategies involved.  Therefore, through the medium of video, I can bring EDH to people in a visual way so that they can digest it easily.  However, I also try to keep things fresh for experienced Commander players through my videos.

So, I guess my point is, if you have already seen or heard of the combos in this video, that’s fantastic.  I hope the video is still entertaining and works as a means to educate lesser experienced players on some of the intricacies of this awesome format.  Thanks for watching!

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Happy Tuesday everybody!  Looking to play RUG in Commander but don’t want to be “that Animar player”?  Intet the Dreamer may be just the guy you’re looking for, and viewer submitted Drew’s Intet is certainly a great specimen of the Bling-Dragon’s power.

The deck’s direction may seem obvious: put good stuff on top of your library and bash face with Intet to get it all at a cheap cost.  However, Drew’s build is still elegant and offers a wide variety of options other than Intet bargain casting.  With some awesome card interactions, including ones involving other legendary favorites as Riku of Two Reflections and Maelstrom Wanderer, this deck leaves room for flexibility and is a great addition to The Other 99.