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Posted by Chris Lindores
I am here to tell you a most bizarre tale. A story of one man and his Commander playgroup, which is one woman…

I’ve played on and off for ten years or so, but about 18 months ago, after a big gap from playing regularly, I retrieved all my cards from back home and endeavoured to teach my partner, Ruth, how to play. However, we ran into a few problems. Here are Ruth’s top five:

 Weirdy-beardy rules

Ruth: How can it possibly be reasonable that this creature can be in two places at once? Physics doesn’t allow for that; it’s not an electron.

Chris: The rules were created a good while ago and some of them are slightly arcane, but they seem to work well most of the time and the stack is tried and tested, with a simple system for resolving effects.  Including creatures being sacrifice to themselves. 

No two decks are created equal

Ruth: It would be quite difficult to learn chess if your opponent had three queens and you only had pawns.

Chris: I’ll give you that in my card collection, some colours, especially black, have more access to a greater range of effects than others due to my preference for those colours and subsequent trading for more cards of those colours, but… OK, you’ve got me here; we’ll sort this out.

Time Walking forever

Ruth: What can you conceivably still be doing? I’m going out for a fag.

Chris: Each step in each phase in each turn requires you to reevaluate the entire game state and how each card in hand, permanent in play and card in graveyard might impact it. This highly complicated decision matrix can take some time to work through.

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