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Over the last few months, EDH tables all across the world have been shaking with the might of five new powerhouse hitters: the gods of Theros.

And now with Born of the Gods, we have five more entering the fray:

Ephara, God of the PolisPhenax, God of DeceptionMogis, God of SlaughterXenagos, God of RevelsKarametra, God of Harvests

Only time will tell if these new deities invade our tables like the previous gods have, but it helps to kick off our first two-week theme here on Commandercast: All things Theros/Born of the Gods!

Today, we’re using our show to discuss devotion with Tom of MTGRadio streaming fame, and Brian aka ISBPathfinder, local MTGSalvation mod and mono-colored aficionado.

Show notes after the Ib!


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 Literally the day AFTER we record last week’s show, Wizards goes and gives us probably one of THE most relevant changes to the format to date: The one-sided legend rule, as well as a new rule for Planeswalkers. Both are shaking things up and leading to speculation that the upcoming Fall expert expansion set, Theros, will be a “legends matter” block.


Unfortunately, it’s led to flavor fans getting butt hurt and old, crotchy hipsters to complain that their clones are getting nerfed.


Me? Well if you follow me on twitter (at)Commandercast, you already know how I feel about it, but let’s go ahead and get some second opinions on this, shall we?

As always, shownotes, links, and download link are below.



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