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By William aka BlueRam

“It is not a goal, but a process—the process of creating the perfect Phyrexia.”

-Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur

I get plenty of emails from my readers asking me how to make flavorful decks. Of course when I  say “plenty”, I really mean one guy who asked me for my opinion on a deck he was trying to throw together. Unfortunately, with a full-time job and a full-time school schedule, I haven’t been able to get back to that guy with proper input, and I’m definitely not sending a half-assed one (but I WILL get back you as soon as I can). So for now, I’m going to give some general advice about how I go about building my decks and how I pick cards to cut and such.

Last week I gave a you a narrative about the “contract” that I made with Damia, as well as the general basis for the deck that I made for her. The overall theme that I was going for was that of “knowledge is the ultimate power”, and I supported that theme with cards that were built around Omniscience, like extra draw effects and ramp effects to hard cast it.

But unlike the story where I walk off the plane with a plan already laid out, the actual process is just that, a process. Today, I’m going to break down how I went about making the deck and provide some more insight to my own personal deck building strategy. It also gives me a chance to draw some comparisons with the narrative to help those who don’t quite get what I was trying to say.

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