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Welcome back! Last time I outlined the goals and restrictions I am using to build a pair of EDH duel decks. To recap, I am trying to build a pair of decks that will create fun, varied, and not super complicated games. The next step in this project is to pick two generals that have the potential to play those kinds of games.

I started this phase where I begin most of my EDH decks, on Gatherer. I made a list of every multicolored legendary creature. I then shortened this list to only allied, bi-color generals. Every general on this list was at least thought about.

Legends from Legends:
All of these got the axe immediately. I’m not going to list them you can just do a Gatherer search for legendary creatures from the set Legends. To prevent myself from incurring the wrath of people that like some of these horrendous cards, I’ll say they were cut because of card availability or price (except for Jasmine Boreal who was timeshifted and does suck). If you have access to one of these and think it would be fun, you should try it, but I will be ignoring them. Read the rest of this entry »

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The biggest challenge I have ever faced in Magic is getting my wife to play with me. Over the years my wife has played several games of Magic. For two months or so at the end of college, I even had her playing in a limited league, but we moved away from that store and she does not enjoy our new game store as much as the old one. After a game or two she typically gets bored or frustrated and stops playing. To her Magic is a complicated game with many nuanced rules. EDH, the only format I play anymore, only further complicates the rules. I asked myself how I could change my decks or my playstyle to make the game more fun for her so I get to play more.

I decided changing my playstyle was not the approach to take. We are both competitive and like to earn our victories, not have them given to us. I began to think about how I could build a pair of evenly matched EDH decks. How do I build a deck to develop a newer player’s understanding of the rules? Keep in mind, I am not suggesting you teach a brand new player the game using an EDH deck.

I decided the best way to build these decks would be to build a pair of duel decks. The decks will be built specifically for 1v1 play against each other. They will be tuned to have specific answers for the other deck that may not be relevant in every EDH game. Multiplayer games against a developed metagame will probably be out of the question with these decks. Given this starting boundary condition, let us further explore the requirements to build these decks. Read the rest of this entry »