Notions of Horde: Zombies

February 4, 2016

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By Billy


It happens to every group at some point. Tensions start running high, and maybe people need something inanimate to take that out on. I like it, because it appeals to the game designer in me. Quite a few video games ship with level editors these days, but very few board games do. Horde gives a unique outlet for that creative urge. In my second (of what I hope to be many) sporadic articles about my adventures in Horde design, I’m going to discuss the first horde I built: Zombies.

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Posted by Mike aka Mightily Oats

Howdy y’all and welcome to the “Mightily Oats All Hallow’s Eve Spooktacular”.

It’s that time of year again when the leaves have fallen from the trees, the harvest has been gathered, Black Cats and Vampire Bats take on a more sinister air and all of the children have put their little signatures on Satan’s Contract from Below in hopes that trading their immortal souls to the Lord of the Pit will garner them more Snickers bars and fewer of those God-awful peanut butter taffy things that come in orange and black wrappers. (I can’t really blame the kids for doing this, as those things are in the same class of weapons as nerve gas and clearly outlawed by the Geneva Convention.) Read the rest of this entry »

By ANDY aka GHoooSTS
This week I tried out something new. Check it out: I made a small ROCKUMENTARY that can function as an introduction to Horde Magic to anybody who hasn’t tried this format. This is the first time I’ve used this editing software and really, it pretty much also the first time I’ve mucked around with my new camera, so it’s certainly not the most polished thing I’ve ever done. But at least it’s something. I think I have the basics of it figured out.

Here’s the video. Comments on how to improve or ideas for future videos are all welcome.

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