By Steve, AKA DMSteve


We all know Sunforger. It’s in a lot of Commander decks – mainly in red/white – and there are a lot of support cards that can be used with it in order to make or break a game. I know I used this a lot when I played Jor Kadeen, the Prevailer alongside some of the more common toolbox cards, such as Condemn, Wear // Tear, etc., in order to win some games. But this article isn’t about these traditional toolbox cards. Instead, this will be more about some of the more unorthodox cards that can be pulled with Sunforger. First, a reminder of what it does:


Equipped creature gets +4/+0.

{R}{W}, Unattach Sunforger: Search your library for a red or white instant card with converted mana cost 4 or less and cast that card without paying its mana cost. Then shuffle your library.

Equip {3}


Sunforger is basically a tutor for any instant that has red or white in the converted magic cost, but it can pretty much tutor for any instant in all colors (again, as long as it has red or white in its cost). Some examples of a traditional tutor list are:


Return to Dust/Altar’s Light


-Return to Dust exiles one or two target artifacts or enchantments, depending on the step you play it. Altar’s Light also allows you to get rid of problem artifacts or enchantments.


Swords to Plowshares/Path to Exile/Crib swap


-Basic removal for creatures at the cost of your opponent gaining land advantage, life, or a 1/1 creature.



-A three CMC Swords or Path that does not grant any advantage to your opponent.


Into the Core

– This allows you to exile two artifact cards from play and works especially well against Daretti, Scrap Savant or Sharuum the Hegemon decks.



-A destroy effect for both creatures and enchantments.



-A tap effect that can turn into a Path with three artifacts on the field.


Enlightened Tutor

-A tutor for artifacts and enchantments that can retrieve more equipment or mana rocks for you to use on your next turn.


Additional Picks

The following list is one that I am currently using in my Cromat EDH Deck. It’s more of an oddball deck that does not have a lot in the way of wincons, just a bunch of fun cards that I can tinker with:



-This card is great against all sorts of Burn, Control, and Combo decks, due to to the fact that they will have to stop what they are doing in order for you to net the victory or to prevent their victory.



-Easy artifact or enchantment removal, as well as a good early destroy effect against Phelddagrif or Oloro, Ageless Ascetic group hug/pillow fort decks (trust me, these decks can get out of hand pretty quickly and can also win on turn four, five, or six with Test of Endurance/Beacon of Immortality).


Aether Shockwave

-In the event that a team (Krenko, Mob Boss or Karador, Ghost Chieftain spirit tribal) swings in for lethal against you, or an opponent, you can stop them cold with this card. It also makes an interesting political card against a group hug deck.



-With this, you can destroy pesky enchantments (such as Ghostly Prison), as well as buy it back for additional removal.


Aura Mutation

-Another enchantment killer that allows you to place X amount of Saprolings into play, which makes this good for token decks or those that need some sacrifice fodder for other cards.


Ready // Willing

-This is a toolbox card that allows you to either survive a board wipe or deal with a massive amount of blockers and gain life in the process.


Violent Outburst

-This card allows you to Cascade into another card, as well as granting your creatures +1/+0 during an alpha strike.


Vanish Into Memory

-This gives you some temporary card advantage depending on the creature, but if you use the effect on a lopsided beater like Insatiable Souleater, you can to get five cards for the price of one.



Closing Thoughts

There are plenty more cards that can be used with Sunforger in order to get the maximum effect, whether you need to control the board or to launch an alpha strike for the win. But, all in all, Sunforger is a great way to get ahead in Commander.