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By Rachael

This week is the calm before the storm……..

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IN: Soul Warden, Oath of Lieges, Shackles, Medicine Bag, Treasure Hunter, Soltari Visionary, Allay, Exalted Dragon

Allay is easily the most powerful card here. Recurring enchantment removal can turn into a headache for anyone that relies heavily on Enchantment ¬†support. Likewise, I expect Soltari Visionary to do a lot of work. Having shadow guarantees that he’s either going to connect or eat removal. As long as he’s not exiled, we’ll be able to bring him back.


OUT: Scapegoat, Wall of Essence, Exile, Sacred Guide, Sidar Jabari, Peacekeeper, Marble Diamond, Orim, Samite Healer

I don’t like that a few cards I like ended up getting pushed out by some of the newer cards. Wall of Essence wasn’t one of them though. Unfortunately, it’s a non-bo with Avacyn’s protection.

With that said, this deck is getting overhauled. We’re not exactly starting from square one, but I do plan on rebuilding the deck with the cards we’ve accumulated so far. This is in large part due to the next set we’ll be incorporating: Urza’s Saga.

After recording the set review (available this Monday to all $5-tier patrons), I counted thirty-six cards. I’ll go more in depth about what this set is doing to Avacyn when that video comes out, and wow is it a doozy.

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