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by William


I’m not going to lie: This felt like a screwy week for videos.


I was legitimately looking forward to seeing what we got out of Fallen Empires.


……it was kind of a piddling set.


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Deck Tech

Game #1

Game #2

Game #3

Deck Wrap Up


Here’s the Tappedout list


Hand of Justice is a nice get because he’s repeatable removal. The downside being that requires us to tap three creatures which we have a hard time getting on the board. Really, the biggest thing we got though were two additional creatures with banding. That will enable better aggro with Avacyn, as well as let us tag team attacking and blocking.


IN: Farrel’s Mantle, Hand of Justice, Icatian Phalanx, Icatian Scout, Icatian Town


Of course, with these new additions we have some cuts.


OUT: Al-abama’s Carpet, Jandor’s Saddlebag, Thunder Spirit, Northern Paladin, Wall of Spears


This week was also just…weird. I lost the first recorded game because someone got disconnected, and ¬†another player scooped from boredom. Then later we just didn’t see much action.


Next time, we’re adding Ice Age. Oh the jokes and puns I should be able to make from that.

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