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by William

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The Deck List

Here’s the thing: there were 35 cards originally in Homelands that we could use. Just over 3 of them were cards we could consider AND were on MTGO. Of those three, 1 was underwhelming enough that I didn’t want to bother trying it out and the other was actually a strictly worse version of a card we had in our maybe board.

You always HEAR about how bad Homelands is, but you don’t really get it until you’ve seen the set for yourself.

IN: Serra Beastiary, Angelic Voices

Serra Beastiary is the closest thing we have to a Pacifism effect for the next couple of sets. Ironically, next month we’ll have Mirage which actually gives us Pacifism. Outside of that, this week really was more of a “let’s get a better look at what we’ve done with the deck so far” than anything else.

OUT: Warning, Jester’s Cap

The cap was really more of a cool tech idea than anything else. That 4-drop slot is back logged with cool and playable cards. Shaving down those cards so that we have a much more even curve is going to be one of our goals going forward.

After playing some….rough games this week, I’ve picked out a few cards I know we have to cut in the next two installments. Fortunately, I had to get so many cards to meet the paypal minimum for MTGOtraders that I’m set on cards for the next two installments.

Next time we’ll be adding a REAL magic set to the deck: Alliances!

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