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By Rachael

Was there a lot of bickering during the Masques storyline?

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IN: Tower of Magistrate, Dust Bowl, High Market, Distorting Lends, Devout Witness, Honor the Fallen, Noble Purpose, Arrest, Cho-Manno’s Blessing, Fountain Watch

The power here comes from recurrable effects. Turning extra lands into spells, or even using lands we already have as lands is incredibly helpful for our long game. Hopefully we’ll be alive long enough to make full use of them.


OUT: Scorched Ruins, Plains, Plains, Righteous Fury, Soul Warden, Soltari ┬áVisionary, Grim Monolith, Serra’s Liturgy, Ward of Lights, False Prophet

A lot of these are just less efficient versions of cards we get to add this week. Soltari Visionary doesn’t do a whole lot when we have our Moat out, so it’s easy to say good bye when Devout Witness can snipe enchantments AND artifacts from across the pond.

Next time we’ll be adding in NEMESIS. The toys keep on coming as more utility lands fall into our lap!

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