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17 cards were brought in to inject some much needed interaction for our deck. I think this may have been one of the longest intro videos for the the series that I’ve done so far. I’m pleased with how much the card quality improved once we reached the “Second Age of Design”.


Crystal VeinEnlightened TutorMarble DiamondSacred MesaPacifismAfterlifePearl DragonDisempowerFavorable DestinyIlluminationWard of LightsJibari’s InfluenceSidar JabariRashida ScalebaneNull ChamberSunwebMana Crypt

This is amazing. Truly amazing. There are a lot of neat cards that come with this set. We even see a lot of great reprints that we’re still running. In terms of getting into magic, this has some good stuff to play with.

Let’s just ignore the fact that I should have had Mana Crypt in there literally months ago. Instead, let’s marvel at the removal suite we now sport. That’s right, we can actually do something about cards that punch us in the face, get our opponents stupid value, and cards that do both at the same time.

The creatures are still….lacking. It seems like every time I find creatures I like, I just end up replacing creatures that under performed last week. I fought particularly hard to get Sunweb into the deck, if for no reason than because it’s a good sized blocker for it’s cost. It’s downside is….interesting. We’ll find out soon enough if it’s relevant.


Horn of DeafeningAngelic VoicesBenalish HeroElder Land WurmBazaar of BaghdadSafe HavenShield BearerErrand of DutyKnights of ThornFarrel’s MantlePreacherPit TrapReinforcementsJeweled AmuletMana VaultDiamond ValleySol Grail

This is it. We’ve officially moved our deck from “chaff” level to “just playable”. To be honest, a lot of the cards I ended up cutting were already playable but I felt the deck had better synergy by cutting cards like Sol Grail and Mana Vault for their cousins that either came out earlier or, you know, were more than a ritual effect. Other cards, like Jeweled Amulet, are great for faster decks. But slower decks like ours need better tempo plays than a recharging rock.

Last week I realized that Avacyn isn’t an aggro deck. Avacyn is literally the only win condition we can rely on. With that said, banding was only being used defensively, and to protect her and help her win blocks. We’ve got better uses for those slots now, so a lot of banding creatures got the boot, and you can expect more to leave us in the future. Sorry guys, better luck when Aurelia comes around. (I say that because Noyan Dar will be as creatureless as possible, and Sigarda is already a voltron commander. Aurelia will be the first shot these guys have at redemption.)

That’s it for this week, folks. Look forward to next week when we add the second set in the Mirage block: Visions.

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