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by Rachael

You either die a hero, or live long enough to hate what you’ve done.

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IN: Voice of All, Standard Bearer, Aurora Griffin, Star Compass

Standard Bearer is a pretty interesting card. It’s like a one-time use of Mother of Runes, but messes with our opponents far more often. Aurora Griffin has the potential to be another one of Avacyn’s “pet cards”


OUT: Devout Witness, Dust to Dust, Parallax Wave, Maze of Ith

This is what experimental cuts look like. I ended up regretting the Parallax Wave cut since we need ways to deal with creatures and we haven’t gotten our Oblivion Ring effects yet.

Looking ahead to¬†Odyssey, I think it’s time reboot Avacyn’s deck again. Odyssey opens up a couple of new ideas and a way for us to change up our play style so it’s not as dependent on Avacyn being the only win condition.

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