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By Rachael

Teeny tiny update, teeny tiny games, and a Wasteland.

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Steam Catapult, Righteous Fury, Wasteland, Mox Diamond

See? I told you this week was a super teeny tiny update. However, not having a lot of cards we want to add in (or spend money on) gives us the freedom to go back and grab cards we might not have had the ability to get just yet. Wasteland, and Mox Diamond still go for a good amount of cash on MTGO, about $50 together. That’s more than the Patreon earns in a month, so I bit the bullet and bought the Wasteland out of pocket so that everything else can still go towards helping us pay for hosting fees, etc.


Orim’s Prayer, Personal Incarnation, Plains x2

I’m completely sick of top decking lands when we need spells. I usually don’t go below 37 mana lands when I deck build, but I’m annoyed just enough to take the plunge. We have a few different ways to refill our hand with lands anyways, so here’s hoping we don’t get screwed too badly.

Next week we’re back in form with a mass Exodus update!

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