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By Rachael


For the New Year, I resolve to play more Magic. WAY more Magic.

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Planeshift/Apocalypse is up next!


Reya, Dawnbringer, Abolish, Ward of Lights, Liberate, Rout, Atalya, Samite Master

Strictly speaking, we don’t need or want Atalya and doubly so for Reya. But these are both girls that I have a soft spot for. Reya for the time she spent in my Kaalia deck when I first started playing Commander, and Atalya for being the first Mono-white commander I enjoyed playing with. I want to believe in the potential for these cards, so I’m giving them their shot.


Archangel, Monk Realist, Medicine Bag, Humble, Holy Day, Erase

It’s weird how I almost don’t remember seeing Holy Day, like, at all. I always remember Avacyn saving us with her limit break, but I almost never remember using a fog….unless you count that one game where I snap played it turned one then wondered why I haven’t gotten my head examined.

NEXT TIME: We’re continuing catch-up month with a Planeshift/Apocalypse combo!

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