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The set is called VISIONS. Why didn’t I see this coming?!


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I am a firm believer that Avacyn is one of the most underrated commanders. With help from just a few cards, she kept me alive way beyond what I had any right to be. Even with the gems that we find throughout this series, she constantly shines as the strongest shield we have.

With that said, Captain America’s the only man I’ve seen hurt someone with a shield. Avacyn still needs a lot of help so let’s see what we find.


Karoo, Sisay’s Ring, Archangel, Tithe, Retribution of the Meek, Miraculous Recovery, Righteous Aura

Archangel is probably one of the better creatures we’ve found so far. Flying and vigilance are both relevant keywords and the 5/5 body isn’t bad for seven mana. She’s no Shivan Dragon, but I think she can get the job done.

Tithe and [card]Retribution of the Meek[card] are very good cards, with the latter being the kind of gem you only really find by digging through history. Unfortunately, we still haven’t found the kind of “power” we want to consistently hit yet.


Plains (x1), Basalt Monolith, Divine Transformation, Null Chamber, Icatian Phalanx, Kjeldoarn Skycaptain, Nevinryll’s Disk

After this week, I already miss both Basalt Monolith, and Divine Transformation. One gave me redundancy on just how much mana Avacyn needs for her ultimate, the other actually helped her push for damage. I’m going to try and bring both back in next week.


NEXT: It’s time to start thinking with Portal!

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