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By Rachael

Something went weird with my recording program as it was updating the videos to youtube. I almost thought I’d have to re-record game #3. That would’ve been a shame, because that was actually one of the better games I’ve had in a while.

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Game #1

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Wrap Up



Winding Canyons, Scorched Ruins, Argivian Find, Aura of Silence, Peacekeeper, Mind Stone, Mistmoon Griffin, Kithkin Armor, Empyrial Armor, Angelic Renewal, Abeyance

I believe this is our second biggest update with 11 cards, following closely behind Mirage’s 17. That’s a much more reasonable update, and that’s actually the same amount of cards I’d like to try and change up per update. Obviously different sets will have different chances to show off their tech depending on what they have to offer.

It’s updates like these that make me glad I’m doing this project. I’ve always been an advocate for Angelic Blessing, particularly in Kaalia. Winding Canyons wins the “I didn’t realize it came out this early” award. For some reason I thought it came in the next block “Tempest”. Scorched Ruins is an interesting tech card. It keeps our Land Tax active by reducing our land count, but actually puts us ahead on mana. I’m curious to see if theory meets up with practice.



Crystal Vein, Karoo, Blessed Reversal, Disempower, Feldon’s Cane, Felwar Stone, Sisay’s Ring, Inheritance, Sustaining Spirit, Argivian Archaeologist, Reverse Damage

Most of these cards are hitting the “Maybe” list. I actually like most of these cards in our deck, but something had to give in order to test out newer cards. Inheritance is fine, but we can’t really get our mileage out of it when we need to keep mana open for Avacyn. Maybe teching the bigger rocks back in help alleviate that, but for now it’s hitting the bench.


Next time: TEMPEST


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