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By Rachael

Everything kinda feels like a weird precursor to both Avacyn and ¬†Theros….


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So Game #1 ended up being a corrupted file. I’m incredibly disappointed because it was probably the best game we’ve played with Avacyn in a while. We were legitimate contenders the whole match, and it felt like a well-earned win. And now it will never see the light of day.

As for deck edits….honestly, I completely lost track of what got in and what was pulled out.

Urza’s Saga had over 30 cards that I wanted to jam into this deck. It was kind of overwhelming. I had to rebuild the deck from scratch. The deck lost a lot of it’s “stall tactics” in favor of cool new toys. It’s a shame that I lost the footage of that first game because it really highlighted a lot of things Avacyn’s deck can do when everything clicks.

This is probably for the best that I had to rebuild the deck. As I explain in the wrap up, I think the deck was getting a little too “stall gimimcky” and needed to get some straightforward value/game plan cards in place.

Fortunately, Urza seems to have straightened us out and we’re back on the path for a solid, cohesive deck. The upside being that now we have something of an enchantment theme going on.

We’ll be back to our normal presentation of the Alpha Build next time with: Urza’s Legacy.

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