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You’re not ¬†reading that wrong. Ice Age came out June 1995. Homelands didn’t come out until October of that year. Regardless, we got to see a ton of older cards and not just from our deck. We also get to see plenty of misplays and bugs! Turns out ¬†Consecrated Sphinx is even BETTER than we knew it was.



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When I first reviewed Ice Age, I thought the quality of its creatures was going to increase the creature count for the deck. Instead, we ended up just replacing less efficient creatures. I hope that we’ll get to a point soon where I’ll be able to reliable have more than one or two small bodies on the field.

IN: Mana Vault, Warning, Pit Trap, Shield Bearer, Jester’s Cap, Enduring Renewal, Kjeldoran Skycaptain, Seraph, Jeweled Amulet

Mana Vault makes a return! One of my original complaints about this busted artifact was that I didn’t have anything I wanted to ramp into. I’ve since changed my tune, treating it like a ritual effect more than anything else. To that end, it’s pretty nifty. It’s also something to keep in mind once we get to Gisa’s deck since we’ll have access to Dark Ritual.

Our other big additions come in the form of something very scarce to MTGO: creatures with banding. There are plenty in print at this point in history, but right now we only get five online. A small part of me wishes that the MTGO development team would release a masters set just to have all the really old and terrible cards.

Is it bad that I’m really excited for Seraph? Like, really ridiculously excited? She’s only a 4/4 flier. At seven mana, that’s really lacking when we’ve got Serra Angel right there. But just on general principle of finally having a third angel to play with, I’m happy and excited. Her ability is actually pretty cool too. This week alone we see some small fliers that she can bat away and bring over to our side. It’s not something we can build around right now, but it’s a pretty neat trick when it happens. She’ll get better if we can get some buffs to stick.

OUT: Collossus of Sardia, Ivory Guardians, Petra sphinx, Su-Chi,  Circle of Protection: X (all versions), Tetravus

We did end up cutting out the Circles of Protection though. The circles have been great, but they take up a lot of slots. So we’re going without them for a while to see how much we miss them. A part of me is wondering if I was using them too much like a crutch. They’re powerful corner case cards that do just end up being dead if nobody’s fighting you with that color. I know we’ll get cycling circles at some point, so while that mitigates the “dead card” aspect.

We also cut more artifact creatures. We’re moving closer to a true white deck, which I’m satisfied with. There’s still a reliance on artifacts, which is only natural. White has ramp and card advantage issues. Artifacts are the best patch to that problem, so we’ll be running plenty of utility cards in the future. I.e. Don’t expect Mishra’s Workshop to go anywhere anytime soon.

We didn’t really get to see our banding creatures in action this week, but the way this has been going we’ll probably see plenty of them in the next couple of weeks or so.

Next up, we’re going to what’s notoriously one of the worst sets EVER in Magic’s history: Homelands. I’m really not looking forward to it, but at least we’ll get to see more action from the sweet upgrades we got this week.


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  1. ggodo said

    So, fun fact, Ice Age is the first Magic set I remember being aware of. Growing up in the comic shop Ice Age was EVERYWHERE and I wasn’t allowed to play because it was “For Older Kids.” Second fun fact, King Cheetah is the first Magic Card I remember seeing. My cousin played and I looked through his collection at around the same time. It took me til after the Pokemon TCG came out to be able to sell my friends on “This other card game, made by the same people!” I started with 8th edition and the rest is history.

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