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By William

Hey guys, William here! Antiquities is here! Let the robot rampage commence!

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At this point we have about the right number of creatures I usually want supporting Avacyn. They’re alright but between you and me, there’s something awfully…roboty about how they move.

At this point, Serra Angel continues to be one of the most consistent points of the deck. She’s playing both ways, and with Avacyn’s magic touch she can get a little bit of work in.

If I’m honest though, I don’t want the deck to be artifact based. Avacyn requires a steeper white cost than most legends, so I’d like to get away from artifacts and play more into white’s natural themes of deflecting damage, healing wounds, and playing defensively as we attack.

Antiquities will be a great set for more artifact based decks, like Sydri or… I guess Sydri’s the only one who’s really going to enjoy Antiquities further down the road.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked Antiquities quite a bit. The Brothers’ War that gets hinted at and told through the cards and their flavor text is incredibly fascinating. I actually want to find the copy I was borrowing and give it a read now. But for what we’re doing with Avacyn, Legends is going to be a lot more helpful in shaping her identity.

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