Posted by ‘KARSTON’ aka ‘TOPANDGO’

We’re at it again with another deck tech video!  Today’s deck was submitted by a viewer named Lily and features the blue and black zombie wizard, Dralnu.  Dralnu has a pretty steep downside, but his activated ability gives him a Snapcaster Mage-esque effect that almost guarantees that your instants and sorceries are going to hit the battlefield more than once.  Therefore, this makes for some interesting card choices on Lily’s part as the deck is built around this ability.

One of the interactions that is cool, but mean, is Dream Halls and Painful Quandary.  Quandary already forces you into making a choice, losing five life or losing a card.  When life totals begin to shrink, losing the card becomes more and more tempting.  Then, with Dream Halls, the double discarding can become nearly back breaking.  Despite a lot of Commander players’ uncertainty about Painful Quandary, this interaction is cool, mean, and definitely Other 99 worthy.