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Hey everyone!

Its been a little while since I have put The Other 99 vids here on CommanderCast, and I apologize for that.  It has recently been difficult getting the vids out on time.  However, we are pretty much back on schedule now with these week’s video featuring a Geist of Saint Traft deck built by viewer Winters.

This was actually one of two Geist decks we received fairly close to one another and figured we would do a “double feature” week, featuring a budget and a non-budget version of the deck.  Brionne’s budget version can be seen here.

This deck is fairly unique to most control decks as it doesn’t play any real sort of combo or many counterspells.  Instead, the deck likes to sit back, interact, and passively watch the game go by until it is the right time to swoop in and take the victory.  I really like this more casual approach to the deck as it kind of debunks the preconceptions of most Blue/White decks as being relentless control decks.


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