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Hello CommanderCast!

As a lot of you already know, I’m Karston, producer of the YouTube channel Top And Go Productions and administrator for the CommanderCast Youtube Portal.  I have been producing videos for quite some time now and have a lot of credit to give to CommanderCast and Andy for getting me to this point.  Therefore, it only seems right that I start posting my videos here on the site alongside YouTube.  Cool thing is, I’ll be dropping some extra stuff here on the site that you can’t see on YouTube.

The majority of the vids that we do for The Other 99 are deck techs and Commander gameplays, but today we have something a little different and special: a short documentary-style vid on Commander at the recent Grand Prix in San Antonio.  Hope you enjoy.

Grand Prix San Antonio was a fun weekend.  There was, of course, the main event as well as side events such as drafts and Commander pods, but there was also a silent auction for the charity Gamers Helping Gamers, a non-profit group that gives need-based charities to College Students.  On Friday I played in a couple of Commander pods (you can hear all about a few of those in Brionne’s recent article).  On Saturday, I dragged all of my equipment up to the Prix with the hopes that I’d get people to talk to the camera about Commander.  After talking to five different people, asking them questions about their favorite generals, the things they love about Commander, and what decks they hate, I was able to pump out this…

These were only five of the many Commander players that were rocking pods that weekend.  There was even a big tournament style Commander event called the Commander Challenge that not only had packs as the main prize, but also gave out the Elder Dragon Vault and Scroll to anyone who won a pod.  The first prize was a copy of FtV:Realms.  The dude in the video named Joey won the pod that I played in and had some interesting thoughts on the differences between pods and casual play.  He mentions in the video that you have to bring a combo deck in order to win pods, but later says he’d rather everyone bring homebrews to the table and just play.

This dilemma is not new to any Commander fan who has played at the kitchen table and at the big tournament level.  At the kitchen table, everyone can get along and have a good time playing, but when prizes are added to the mix, everyone’s mindsets shift.  This was apparent at GP: San Antonio, even while being graced with some of the nicest pod players that I have had the privilege to talk to in a long time.

I hope you guys enjoyed the video.  I look forward to bringing you more in the future.

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