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Posted by ‘KARSTON’ aka ‘TOPANDGO’

Its Wednesday again, and that means its time to tackle another deck on The Other 99.  Today we take a look at a deck submitted by a viewer named Chris Hawkins and featuring a green and white vanilla creature from Legends — Jasmine Boreal.  Ms. Boreal doesn’t even break even with her converted mana cost of 5 as a 4/5, so what the heck is this deck about?  Well the deck is certainly not a combo deck disguised with a vanilla general.  No, it is actually a theme deck.

What is that theme?  As Chris put it, imagine Jasmine as the princess in a castle, and you, the pilot of this deck, are the people trying to keep her from being rescued by Prince Charming… or Mario.  Therefore this deck plays a heavy turtle and life gain strategy in order to weather out a game until you are able to find a card and win with it.  This opens the deck up to some pretty interesting card choices, including getting to play a fairly underplayed creature type in Commander: Walls.

Another great thing about this deck is that unlike a lot of theme decks, this deck really does a great job of being both a theme deck and a good deck.  Most theme decks that I have seen have compromised playing strong cards with cards that are flavorful and fit the theme.  When building these decks, it can be very hard to strike that balance, but I think that Chris did a pretty good job doing so when he built this deck.


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