Posted by ‘KARSTON’ aka ‘TOPANDGO’

Hey everybody and thanks for watching another episode of The Other 99.  Today we tackle another deck submitted by GhostAutonomy featuring the king of trolls himself, Thrun, the Last Troll.  The deck is very heavily focused on a Voltron style strategy, suiting the uncounterable hexproof regenerating troll with dozens of different equipment cards and auras, including every single Sword of Protection and Value.

One of the coolest things about this deck is that it is fairly unique in being a voltron deck.  You see voltron style decks in nearly all of the other mono-colors thanks to artifact and enchantment tutoring and such.  Green has almost nothing like this, and so building a mono-green deck that takes on the voltron strategy is both challenging and interesting.

I felt almost obligated to NOT make any troll meme jokes in this video (sorry to disappoint).  Hope you all enjoy!