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By ANDY aka GHoooSTS
Let me begin with the following, before I flip the ‘SERIOUS MODE’ switch:

Now that that’s out of the way, let me also preface this article by stating it was written in forty-five minutes since the originally planned article never… uh… materialized? I have made it public in the past that writing is not, and will never be, my strength, so bear with me. This also hasn’t passed through the usual rigorous exam of the Knowledge Pool’s editing process.

I just wanted to thank everyone who supported the Gifts Given charity drive either via pledged contribution of cards and material, or through spending their hard-earned cash on overpriced cardboard on eBay. This was a function that operated entirely on the charity of strangers, operating on the basis of trust to ship valuables to a guy whom most knew only though a voice on the internet screaming things like “thug thizzle” and some less-than-reassuring photos that revealed a man of questionable character.

Yesterday, I mailed out the final pieces of the charity auction’s lots (technically, I still have a few pieces that haven’t been paid for… if you’re reading this and won those auctions pay now please). It felt like I had finally managed to dig my way out of what my man Christian aka Buttdongs (I didn’t make that up) aka boel had somewhat aptly described as a “cardboard prison”, because when I was holding the majority of these cards, I literally was running out of space to store them. That sounds an awful lot like a complaint at first glance, but it’s not. It’s an illustration of how unbelievably charitable the CommanderCast community is.

There’s probably somebody exceptionally cynical reading this right now rolling their eyes, dreaming up ulterior motives or something, so to keep it real for those guys let me say real quick: go fuck yourself.

I’m happy to report that all auctions tallied, we have raised just under $4000 for Child’s Play, with all things considered. Cash donations (made on behalf of CommanderCast by generous donors to Child’s Play to avoid a tax code nightmare) and auction sales combined to shape this generous figure. That’s $3500+ of people’s prized cardboard converted into not only toys and games for kids’ hospitals, but also new homes for that pre-loved cardboard. I’m quite comfortable declaring that one of the greatest value trades in the history of Magic.

The dust has settled and I can move my creaky-ass office chair around somewhat-comfortably again. It’s kind of cool to know I can fill up a room with cards when I have a worthwhile cause, and empty it again in a span of a few months and just over a hundred and fifty eBay auctions–not because of anything I personally did anything in particular, but because I am surrounded by people both in person and online who share a conviction with me and like to make things happen. Genuinely important things; causes that go far beyond anything related to our sometimes-questionable hobby and create a tangible positive impact in the lives of people in need.

This is a project that started on a night where I couldn’t sleep and decided I didn’t need my old Legacy deck anymore. To imagine it would eventually produce that much money for my favourite charity is genuinely mind-boggling. It beautifully proves that not only can the average nobody with a computer and a keyboard leverage the internet for genuinely great causes, but it also provides members of our little EDH community something they can point to as an indicator of what we can accomplish.

I consider this accomplishment basically impossible to top with anything other than a second charity fundraiser. Does this mean another one is on the way? Maybe someday, but not for a while because I’m enjoying having ‘free time’ back after having it function as ‘eBay time’ for about two months. But for now, CommanderCast has a well-defined finest hour, and I’m quite comfortable with that.

As a final note, Andrew Sitte of has generously offered to contribute a 3D Giant Shark and an alter of your choice to the auctions. He is running his auctions now on eBay. You really should take a look and consider placing a bid… there’s nothing that would make me think “this guy/gal’s got class” more than seeing a 3D Giant Shark on his or her side of the table.

I would like to once more (but certainly not finally) thank everyone who contributed to or purchased from the eBay auctions. Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word and promote the function.

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