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CommanderCast’s newest members, Aaron AKA Uncle Landdrops, and Eric AKA Grandpa Growth, have teamed up to bring you content to fill some of that empty space in the CommanderCast weekly schedule.

Back on The General Zone, The Stack article series was a collaborative card review we did on most Saturdays. Turning it into a 30-45 minute podcast was a long-actualized goal for the former TGZ-ers, and there hope is to live the dream and keep it real while the rest of CC is in the realz. So here’s our pilot, a history of The Stack (with links below!), some Big Lebowski blathering, and a discussion on opening hands. We hopez you liekz!

Stacky The Shark


Fun Links:

The General Zone – our humble beginnings

Our Favorite Episodes of The Stack: 
The One Where The Hate Flows Through Us

Good Gods, Man!
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