12191398_10153183284063309_1765859596241901736_n The Stack Grandpa (Eric)

Your favorite Commander relatives Grandpa Growth and Uncle Landdrops spend most of the show tackling a big ol’ fish this week: the Oath of the Gatewatch Leak in all its glory, from the actual leak to the ass-kissing and spoil-shaming on Twitter, all the way to the strange and hilarious WotC official response via Trick Jarrett.

It’s news, it’s great, and about a month late. But we’re still here, resolving it all.

Stacky The Shark

Show Notes:

Last Episode Correction: Faust isn’t Shakespeare, GG doesn’t know anything, everyone on the Internet is wrong.


Kiora doesn’t kill Lorthos, she commands Lorthos to fight Kozilek, who wrecks him. In the process she has to kill her best friend who gets possessed by the eldrazi. Eventually she gets knocked off into the ocean and loses the bident. Maybe she is dead, maybe not.


RoRo – Silumgar, Lord of Hero 1GW 4/3 Legendary Treefolk Shaman 3W: Creatures you control get +1/+1 until EOT.


OGW Expedition Spoilers Leak

-Twitter Made Me Supa Hot

-Trick Jarrett’s article about the Leak: