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EPISODE 29 – The Tron Keeps A Rollin’

This week is too legit to quit! Aaron and Eric talk Voltron, the new Netflix series, the Commander damage plan, and a host of other ways one might wish to Voltron in real life- including a way to make your own blazing sword.

Stacky The Shark



Csl week 8 canadian highlander


EDHREC’ing – Tasigur


Voltron – It’s on Netflix, and our topic if you don’t have anything better.


Has Voltron become more or less effective?

What is the ideal Voltron deck look like to the marginal Magic player?
Is there a difference between this deck and what it really looks like when a Voltron deck wins?

Can any Commander be a Voltron Commander?

Top 5 Best/Worst Voltron Commanders?

  1. Rafiq of the Many
  2. Kemba, Kha Regent
  3. Uril the Mistalker
  4. Bruna, Light of Alabaster
  1. Zur the Enchanter


Real actual blazing sword


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