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unnamed-1 The Stack Grandpa (Eric)

In today’s episode, Gramps and Landdrops keep a-ramblin’ through random and fun Magic-related news topics, like card draw being reduced to a warning in the competitive realm, while also taking every opportunity along the way to stop and deliberate over Doctor Who’s obvious campy-ness, or what’s gonna happen in Space Jam 2 with Lebron-star the Monstar. You’ll also get sweet bonus blathering, like a cliffnotes on all there is to offer at The EMP Museum in Seattle (Pictures below!), and whether or not The Great Aurora infringes on ban-worthy in Commander.

It’s short, it’s quick, and you can get it in one Stacky click!

Stacky The Shark

Pictures From The EMP Museum Below!

IMG_2479 unnamed-1 IMG_2478 unnamed2015-07-16 11.07.502015-07-16 10.24.212015-07-16 11.04.032015-07-16 10.22.102015-07-16 12.14.482015-07-16 11.01.13-12015-07-16 12.35.26

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