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EPISODE 30 – Glissa T’s Plz

After a long and successful break, your favorite Magic relatives have caught up and returned to regularly scheduled, on time programming!

This week, we’re tackling how hella-tight PT Kaladesh was, setting your total to 20 life in Duel Commander, and a special request for Glissa, the Traitor talk from a listener.

Stacky The Shark


Shota Dominates #PTKLD

Duel Commander 20 Life 1v1

Reader Email

Glissa T’s – Updates

Metalwork Colossus
Metalspinner’s Puzzleknot

Cemetery Recruitment
Succumb to Temptation

Baloth Null

Wild-Field Scarecrow

Skeleton Key
Key to the City

Ghirapur Orrery
Aligned Hedron Network

Inventors’ Fair
Explosive Apparatus


Aaron’s Green Eggs and Glissa


Aetherflux reservoir

Brain in a jar

Key to the city

Noxious gearhulk

Music is “Tied Up” By The Method.

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