The Stack #7- 27 Duresses

November 19, 2015

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unnamed-1 The Stack Grandpa (Eric)

Eric and Aaron take a deep look at 2DH, a new Commander format Aaron’s play group is trying out. Basically, every card in the deck has to be under $2!… and of course Eric breaks the format over his knee. Hope you’re ready for these sweet Stacks this week, check it out!




Stacky The Shark


Lantern Control Deck


RoboRosewater Twitter Cards:

Mercodos, the Snape
Templedden Rist
Galden of Summons
Desert Wooder
Tinglertal Bleem

2DH – A New Budget Format Variant

Aaron’s 2DH Decks

Obzedat, Ghost Council 2DH

Kagemaro 2DH

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