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12191398_10153183284063309_1765859596241901736_n The Stack Grandpa (Eric)

Eric and Aaron take a break from Ham Sandwiches to slam down a tasty new episode, full of C15’s viability in the competitive Commander sphere, some 2DH accoutrements, and more tucked between two nice slices of Patreon bread. Give it a listen, will ya?


Stacky The Shark


CommanderCast Patreon


Joel’s 2DH Shu Yun Deck Tech


Shu Yun on Tapped Out: You Got Monk’d!


mtgo new player drafts

don’t play slow, don’t ragequit, don’t forget the prize structure


Eating crow super hard on Ezuri? Two card infinite turns with sage of hours. Every other commander that is half of an infinite combo is at least tier two. So is this better than the momir vig deck? is this the best aluren deck in commander?


is meren the new shirei?


prize pack card list for show notes


daily fantasy sports and is magic gambling?


5 Reasons Oath of the Gatewatch Should Be Sweet

-Mystery Planeswalker Is One We Like
-MOAR Expeditions
-MOAR Eldrazi
-Barry’s Land

-Man Lands


I pitch a plot to a more different version of Space Jam II: Electric Boogaloo




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