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It’s The Stack Thursday! ON A TUESDAY! Yep, that’s right. Our little show got moved up in the pecking order. So look forward to weekly weirdness from the least sober wizards from here on out!



We covered Announcement Day, it’s gorgeous reveals and its strange pitfalls.

Stacky The Shark


Follow up: CSL is sweet. Girlfriend bracket gets a narset emblem in game 1…and still lose the game. Marshall has exactly 4 cards in his deck that he can cast.


Announcement Day


Aaron and Eric talk a lot about Magic this week. Eternal Masters, Theme Decks, and all the rules for what and what not to do are here. Check it out!

Stacky The Shark

Round earth confirmed

Dave Grohl by johnsistrunkother | MTG Cardsmith


Eternal masters: force and wasteland in commander? Good or bad? Also terese nielsen control magic. Also new art for maelstrom wanderer is better than the original thomas baxa version imo.

Theme vs. Restriction vs. Melvin-ing vs. Strategy–The-Raven.html





Top 5 Theme deck ideas


  1. Farm Theme – farm animals, harvests/plants/growth, etc.
  2. Avatar Elements Deck – UR or RUG fire/water/earth/air theme
  3.  “I’m a Vegan” – No non-humanoid animals allowed in art. Only veggies.
  4. Batman – bats, nighttime, darkness, thugs, jokers/jesters, vigilantes, crocodiles, mind control, willpower, knowledge, detective work.
  5. Breakfast theme deck – eggs, bacon, baking/frying/toasting/grilling/roasting, sunrise/morning, awakening


7.Slaughterhouse-Five – War, Time Travel, Aliens, Dementia, Depression

6.Harrison Bergeron – Equality, Rebellion, Chains, Stax,

5.4-color Harry Potter

4.Mad Max – Maraxus of Keld

3.Firefly/Serenity – Capashen

2.Legion of Doom – Ertai, the Corrupted

  1. 5-color Captain Planet Child of Alara



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