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We’re catching up in a big way! Hoping to be in real time with the rest of the world so very, very soon!

EPISODE 27 – Get Your MtGO Running

Aaron and Eric check out and review a listener’s attempt at fixing Boros, and follow it up with some Legion of Doom Theme deck ideas. Later, Aaron and Eric keep the recording live whilst playing on MtGO.

Stacky The Shark

Follow-up: Boros Fix

Follow-up: Legion of Doom Correction
Oloro is Vandal Savage, not Grundy
Grimgrin is Grundy
Mirri or Purraj of Urborg is Cheetah
U/B Sygg is Black Manta
GAAIV or Gwafa Hazid or Heidar is Captain Cold
Muzzio or Stitcher Gerry is Toyman

Soramaro, First to Dream is Bizarro
Arcanis is Brainiac

EPISODE 28 – Straight Juicin’

Aaron and Eric dissect the Breakfast deck, discuss how Grandpa Growth eats vegetables, and debate #lootgate way after it got old. There’s also two sweet Top 5 Lists you won’t want to miss!

Stacky The Shark

follow : impressions of the breakfast deck and modifications

decktech before changes:

The pretty swamp:


Grandpa ate vegetables


#lootgate discussion way after it got old



What would the best cards be?


Five Cards From Recent Product I Can’t Stop Playing

5.  Palace Siege
4. Anguished Unmaking

  1. Open the Armory
    2. Wretched Confluence
  2. Painful Truths


Top 5 Episodes of Rick and Morty

Honorable Mentions

Get Schwifty
Mortynight Run – “Look at me, killin’ again”

5. Total Rickall
4. Meseeks & Destroy
3. Interdimensional Cable II
2. Rixty Minutes

  1. Big Trouble in Little Sanchez
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