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12191398_10153183284063309_1765859596241901736_n The Stack Grandpa (Eric)

OKEY DOKE HOMIES! Here’s three new traxxxxxx!!! Be sure to check ’em all out!


After a lengthy discussion about rapper B.O.B.’s mission to prove the Earth is flat, Aaron and Eric walk through diversity amongst Magic characters, and then make their first Magic card live on air.

Stacky The Shark



Gray Market Gambling


2DH on MtGO

Gramps Solved Multiplayer?


Eric and Aaron talk  Pro Tour Oath, Eldritch Moon, and the Top 5 Films with relevant performances by Jason Bateman.

Stacky The Shark

eldritch moon announcement, ken nagle lead designer, sam stoddard lead developer. both notable commander players and both big influencers in the casual magic community. this set is sure to be full of stuff for casual players.

wait havent we heard this story before?

pt oag had big names in top8: ivan floch, shuhei nakamura, lsv, frank lepore, patrick dickmann

Will’s Avacyn Alpha Build Project – Thoughts, Shout out, YouTube Subscribe, Patreon Support, etc.

Top 5 Films With Relevant Appearances By Jason Bateman

  1. dodgeball
  2. up in the air
  3. smokin aces
  4. juno
  5. bad words


Your favorite Magic playing Uncle and Gramps are back at it again, rambling about rappers. This time, we’re talking about rapper Lupe Fiasco’s latest and greatest triumph over the Street Fighter World Champion, a card Aaron would love to see in Innistrad, and the one question Eric’s still asking – How the “F” do Clones work?

Stacky The Shark

Lupe Fiasco Street Fighter

pg ogw was frank lepores first pt. watched the lsv match. classic. speculation on the april b&r announcement, with like 48 copies of eye of ugin in the top 8 will it be banned in modern.

Using our “Investigate” Tokens to Speculate about Shadows/Eldritch Moon

(credit to Brainstorm Brewery for the insight)
-Lovecraftian horror correlation -Shadows over Innistrad versus The Shadow Over Innsmouth

-Eldritch is a word commonly associated with Lovecraftian novels

-Scottish origin originally to imply elven things, but has evolved to mean strange, weird, ghostly, or uncanny

flavor question: how the f do clones work?

habits we’ve stopped or started doing since we began playing Commander


Ideas for Filling in Text Box:

Static Abilities: Vigilance, Hexproof, Intimidate


Tandem Rules Triggers:

-When Alistair enters the battlefield, exile all other creatures and artifacts. For each permanent exiled this way, put a Clue token into play under your control.

-At the beginning of each end step, return all cards exiled by Alistair this turn to the battlefield tapped under their owner’s control.

-At the beginning of each opponent’s upkeep, put a Clue token into play under your control.

-At the beginning of your end step, if you control ten or more Clue tokens you win the game. -OR- At the beginning of your upkeep, if you control no Clue tokens, you lose the game.

Other weird ability ideas:

-If there is a Clue token on the battlefield, you may cast Alistair as an Instant.

-Whenever you sacrifice a Clue token, target opponent discards a card.

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