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We’re catching up quick! This week’s Stack of Stacks features a few real Magic topics, like how to do basic Math better, and how Gramps and I would fix Boros. We also say good-bye to our dear friends at Top & Go Productions, who decided to move on from Commander content a few months back.


Aaron’s Birthday was, like, the day before this recording, and Eric wanted to celebrate. So we kinda did, and we talked about Eternal Masters and stuff.

Stacky The Shark



dave grohl 

remember when this happened?


mishras photoshop and mtgo events

part 1

part 2

response from lee sharpe, head of mtgo events:

comments: in part two mp acknowledges that events are not the biggest problem with mtgo. as you know i think the problems with mtgo should be the opening comment of any discussion between two sentient organisms.

lee sharpe says the reason the won’t add a pack to 4322 ques is that it will create a vicious cycle that draws all the competitive players into the more casual queue. The worst players in the 84 now realize they can get better expected value by playing in the 4322 and thus switch, increasing the average skill level of the 4322 and effectively preying on the more casual players in the cue. With those ‘worst’ 84 players no longer around in the competitive que a new class of player realizes they are the worst and starts to lose more because they can’t pick up easier wins off of the players who switched out of 84s. These new worst players decide they should also switch to 4322 for the same reason and so on and so forth until the only person playing 84 ques is ben starke because no one can beat him. this is a question of market segmentation a la malcolm gladwell and his perfect pasta sauces.

aaron’s top 5 birthdays ever…eh?!

5 Cards I’m going to start playing

5. Split Decision

  1. Retraced Image
  2. Circular Logic
  3. Logic knot
  4. Arjun, the Shifting Flame

repealing the reserved list and the eternal price bubble

daily mtg roundup

conspiracy 2.0 announced

eternal masters is a thing:

eternal masters has been leaked without wizards consent:

magic story continues to be full of wonk. the eldrazi buster team has killed ulamog and kozilek, emrakul is gone and they dont know where it is. confirmed that bolas released the eldrazi on purpose. jace is going to innistrad to find sorin and ask him what they messed up in the multiverse eco system by unexpectedly killing things that should have been killed.

bdm talks about the formation of EDH and canadian highlander

canadian higlander interview


This week we talk more Foo Fighters, and how to handle player behavior at the table, as well serious Magic math!

Stacky The Shark


…And they’re gone. Foo Fighters on indefinite hiatus (again)


Planeswalker Werewolf


Player Behavior – Versus New Opponents/Decks

-It’s common knowledge that a lot of people like to attack the blue player, but it’s not just blue decks. Any time a new player or a person shows up with a new deck, there’s always some irrational behavior at the table.

-How do you handle playing against a new opponent? A new deck?
-What do advice/tips do you have for handling this situation?


Magic Math

-Aside from screwing up basic arithmetic, one of the biggest mistakes Magic players can make is incorrect calculations – Counting Mana, Combat damage, Counting in combos, etc.

-Why do these mistakes occur?

-What kinds of advice do you have to help be more precise?



The Stack turns legal in podcast episodes, which meant party time. Eric and Aaron talk about how they’d fix Boros, as well as pour out a few forties for our friends at Top & Go Productions.

Stacky The Shark

RIP – Top & Go Productions

ridiculous nonsense at global gp’s to promote soi. preview cards. the horrible new reminder text for madness.

Boros For Commander – Problems, How we would “fix” it.
Better threats, better accelerators, more ways to interact on the stack. “Boros” decks typically lack the depth in their late game roster and don’t properly leverage the best aspects of their colors, opting instead to play underpowered aggro cards. White has choice removal for all permanents. Both colors have powerful land destruction as a disruptive element. Boros should be the title for a control deck, not an aggro deck.

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One Response to ““The Stack” Stack (Uncut) – Episodes 19-21”

  1. Jeremy Parsons said

    On the matter of teaching moments in cards:
    I loved what folks have said about River of Tears. It’s a land that helps you play U/B correctly since it’s most apt to be producing U when it’s not your turn.
    I loved the Raid descriptive keyword ability of the Mardu clan. In order to get the best effect from these spells and creatures, you needed to cast them after attacking. Thus informing you that there IS another main phase after combat. And that you probably don’t want to tap out your mana before combat.

    On Red:
    I fear that a red Disenchant would look like a fireball. Where you need to pay XR to destroy an enchantment with casting cost X or less.

    On the matter of Boros more specifically:
    Between the two colors, it has a lot of tools. Tokens, crushing damage, removal and all. But I agree that it needs more access to card draw, or equivalents. But as to other elements: Why isn’t there a Boros Confiscate effect to permanently take an artifact? Where are the Boros punisher cards? Seems a perfect fit, white makes the laws, rasp rules across the knuckles of the rule breakers. The Boros traffic cop that hurts players for each attacking creature. The Boros Spirit of the Labyrinth that replaces extra card draws with pain?

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