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ohlookapictureBefore we start, I’m fully aware that the full spoiler went up last night, but I only plan to discuss officially revealed cards here. (Also, because that’s more work than I want to do right now and I need to get started on my articles for the season too.)

Moving right along…
The Legends

Hythonia the Cruel
Hythonia the Cruel
Her Monstrosity cost equals her cost after dying once, wraths when becoming monstrous, and works with an underused tribe, it’s just a shame that she’s monoblack instead of black/green to be able to lead a complete tribal gorgon deck. It’s also worth noting that after monstrosity, she kills in three hits. I expect to see Hythonia decks, but for me she’ll always just end up as another creature to make Kresh huge.

Medomai the Ageless
Medomai the Ageless
I’m not entirely sure what makes this white, but it is. That means you can do stupid things like putting Battle Mastery on him. Without his “downside” he would, of course, be broken… That won’t stop him from being abusable though – maybe a WU token swarm deck?

Triad of Fates
Triad of Fates
I love the flavor here, but I’m, still not sure how I feel about the card. It’s nice to see W/B take a different direction with this legend, and I expect them to see play by virtue of being different. They also might have some fun with Misthollow Griffin in an Esper deck… Also, I’m required to mention that Oblivion Stone is a thing.


The Ordeal Cycle

I feel like this cycle is worth mentioning outside of the long list o’ things. I love this cycle. 2 drop auras that give a creature +3/+3 over time and then another effect after that. They’re a great throwback to quests and have some decent effects too. Since they trigger based off on any counters, they have a huge variety of options to build with as well.

Ordeal of Heliod
Ordeal of Heliod – White likes +1/+1 counters, and it certainly enjoys gaining life, unfortunately this one doesn’t seem like it has much use in a monowhite deck… But in, let’s say, a deck with Necropotence then it becomes something like five times an…

Ordeal of Thassa
Ordeal of Thassa – Blue, makes a creature big, and draws cards. I’m sure there’s a home for this somewhere… Mabye with Jenara, Asura of War or Animar, Soul of Elements?

Ordeal of Erebos
Ordeal of Erebos – Arguably the worst of the cycle and likely barely playable at best, but it still has the important ability of making things bigger.

Ordeal of Purphoros
Ordeal of Purphoros – Gets bigger, making a creature deal more damage, then deals more damage! Probably not enough damage, but it can remove quite a few decently sized creatures.

Ordeal of Nylea
Ordeal of Nylea – Hit harder and fetch lands? Feels green to me. While three turns of attacking is probably a bit too slow for ramp decks, other green decks will probably find a lot of use in this; the first things that come to mind are Bant and Jund Voltron decks and, of course, Animar (it essentially makes your creatures cost 5 less).

The Others

Fabled Hero – The obligatory 2/2 double striker for 1WW, it gets bigger when you target it. While this probably won’t be the powerhouse it will be in other formats, I can definitely see it being played in a heroic deck. It’s  also in the same color as Stoneforge Mystic so, if nothing else, there’s that.
Favored Hoplite –  1/2 for 1, and a pretty basic heroic ability. I don’t see this doing much.
Heliod’s EmissarySeasoned Marshal got an upgrade and can now be an aura. I think the most important aspect of this card, though, is that it’s an elk.
Soldier of the Pantheon
Soldier of the Pantheon – Protection from multicolored is rare, before now it only existed on Enemy of the Guildpact and Guildscorn Ward, both of which are essentially unplayable commons. Soldier of the Pantheon goes all the way to the other end of that spectrum and puts it on a rare 2/1 body for 1 and adds some lifegain for good measure. While this was obviously made for standard, with the amount of multicolor that exists in Commander, I expect this to see a bit of play… I just don’t know how good it will be.
Spear of Heliod
Spear of Heliod – Glorious Anthem is good, but attacking leaves you open to be attacked back, so how about you punish them for hitting you instead?
DissolveCounterspell is good. Dismiss is good. Cancel is bad. Does Dissolve fill the hole between Counterspell and Dismiss well enough to be playable? I have my doubts, but I’m willing to try it.
Prognostic Sphinx – This card is weird. I don’t know what to think of it, but it feels unplayable at a glance. Repeatable Scry 3 is definitely worth something though.
Swan Song
Swan Song – I don’t see a format where this won’t be relevant. It’s a Beast Within for spells. That said, get yours while you can; I’m not one for price speculation, but this is one of the two cards in the set that I expect to be inordinately expensive… We’ll get to the other one a bit later…
Agent of the Fates – A heroic card that might be playable? What is this? A 3/2 deathtouch for 3… And whenever you target it, each opponent sacrifices a creature. If you can find enough things to run in a black deck to target your own things, I don’t see why you wouldn’t run this.
Hero’s Downfall
Hero’s Downfall – The lovechild of Dreadbore and Murder. If this isn’t an auto-include in every black deck, I don’t know what is.
Keepsake Gorgon – Mini-Hythonia, but I don’t know many people who like paying 7 for targeted removal.
Tormented Hero – 2/1 for 1, a fairly irrelevant etbt clause, and life drain when it’s targeted. I’m inclined to say no but, again, if heroic decks can exist I don’t know why you wouldn’t play it.
Whip of Erebos
Whip of Erebos – Gives your things lifelink, ok, that’s kind of mediocre… But what’s this? 2BB to unearth a creature. For slightly more mana and the restriction of one use per turn, you can put Sedris, the Traitor King inot any black deck. Seems decent to me. The first thing that comes to mind is running it in a Skullbriar, the Walking Grave deck.
Anger of the Gods
Anger of the Gods – Remember how I said I don’t do much price speculation? This is the other one I’m willing to speculate on.  For one more mana, your Pyroclasm deals 1 more damage and exiles if it would kill something. The only formats I question its power level in are Legacy and Vintage, and that’s just because I’m too poor to care about them. Standard, Modern, and Commander will all be using this card, so I expect it to command a decent price for quite a while.
Fanatic of Mogis – Damage equal to your devotion to red… Sounds pretty red to me, I’m just not sure what red deck wants this… But one of them does.
Firedrinker SatyrJackal Pup isn’t an EDH card, I’m comfortable in saying that one with bad firebreathing isn’t either.
Boon Satyr – Good vanilla, but as an instant speed +4/+2 for 5, I’m not sure… It seems like a decent way for a green deck to push through a general damage win… Maybe?
Bow of Nylea
Bow of Nylea – Only three mana for deathtouch when attacking… And for only two mana each turn, you get options. A lot of options. So many options that I don’t have to read them to know that this is playable, but I will anyway… +1/+1 counter, slowly grows a creature, sounds good. 2 damage to a flying creature, mediocre, but not horrible. Gain 3 life… You should know by now that I can’t not mention Necropotence here – 3 cards for 1G is value. And, finally, putting four cards from your graveyard on the bottom of your library… In the color that shuffles most often, of course.
Centaur Battlemaster – 3/3 for 5, gets 3 bigger when you target it… [insert speculation on a heroic deck here]
Nessian Courser – This is the Future Sight reprint we were promised… Well… It’s a thing… I guess.
Mistcutter Hydra – It’s like green’s version of a Fireball! Actually… Thinking about it that way, Channel+Fireball now exists in monogreen… With an uncounterable component… Have fun, Vintage players.
Ashen Rider
Ashen Rider
– You like Angel of Despair, right? Well, how about paying 1 more mana to get its effect twice? Sounds good, right? But wait, there’s more. Not only do you get to get rid of two things, you get to remove them forever! Wait, what are you doing with that Reanimate? No! Get back here! You have to pay for that! (Edit: I just realized I briefly commented on this one last week… Oh well, slightly more commentary.)
Spellheart Chimera – It’s like a flying, trampley, Runechanter’s Pike… I don’t know if it’s playable, but it looks like a lot of fun.
Steam AuguryFact or Fiction… But reversed… And with an added red requirement. I don’t like it, but I don’t hate it either… I expect it to see play though.
Akroan Horse – Political AND flavorful. I like it!

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