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ohlookapictureHey guys, sorry for the insanely late post; due to some data corruption, what I had planned for the first part of this just didn’t work out. I tried to redo it as just an audio recording, but it just doesn’t work without the video component.

By the time most of you will be reading this, it will probably be a bit too late, but it’s worth mentioning that I’ll be at the SCG Open in Milwaukee this weekend; I won’t actually be playing, so I’ll have plenty of time for games with anyone interested. (If you’re looking for me, don’t trust that picture over there; I haven’t had a haircut since it was taken, so just look for a guy with a briefcase and cords around his neck, that will most likely be me… And if there’s someone else, well, I don’t know.)

In other other news, it’s Melvin week and five of the new precon commanders have been revealed; so, how about we talk about them?

Actually, let’s just take a look at all of them together first.

These are probably some of the Melviniest cards I’ve seen in a while. Sure Jeleva and Prossh have some pretty clear flavor, but these are purely mechanical dreams of Melvinian proportions, tapping into before completely unseen design space that turns what would usually be a drawback into an aspect to base an entire deck around.

So, knowing nothing about the actual decks these are in, where would my Melvin side take them?

Derevi: 1GWU, flash, flying, uncounterable, ETB untaps a permanent… There must be a way to abuse this, how about Axebane Guardian?

Oloro: This deck just builds itself; lifegain, card drawing, AND draining. Everything a Necropotence deck wants. Thrown in a Drogskol Reaver, maybe Sanguine Bond and/or Exquisite Blood, some Extort triggers…

Jeleva: I think I covered this when she was previewed, but I hate the fact that she can’t recognize cards she previously exiled. That said, she’s the perfect fit for a mill deck and finally lets Grixis make use of its access to Wheel of Fortune effects.

Prossh: Prossh demands sacrifices! Specifically, sacrifices on Ashnod’s Altar and Phyrexian Altar. Prossh fills a role similar to Kresh, and I can see both Kresh and Sek’Kuar being included alongside him.

Marath: I can see a few routes to take with this. The most obvious isn’t just repeatedly casting it as a fireball, but using there are a decent amount of repeatable counter effects that have been printed recently that can just take it over the top with counters. The first three that come to mind are Forced Adaptation, Advocate of the Beast, and Bow of Nylea

So, what do you think of the new legends? Feel free to discuss them below.

Also, if you’re going to be at the SCG Open this weekend, let me know and I’ll try to meet you there.

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