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Indoor sunglasses*

So, it looks like I have a column now.

Hmm… Where to start? This is the first thing I’m writing here, so it should probably be some type of introduction, something semi-biographical to tell you a bit about who I am, right? Ok then…

My legend begins in the 12th century… Huh? No? Fine…

Ok, basic information… That stuff is boring, I’d probably skip over it and scroll until I saw some real content or a picture or something… Fine, I’ll give you both!

IntroductionsActually, I’m not going to tell you much about myself. You can get to know me in the only way that really seems fitting; through my decks.

The Beginning

Zur the Enchanter
Yes, that Zur the Enchanter. Some love him, most of you hate him and probably already hate me for mentioning him first. Zur was the first deck I built after learning about EDH. Not because “OHEI LOOK AT ALL THE BROKEN STUFF” or anything like that either. I had only started actively playing around Kamigawa, I first learned about EDH during Time Spiral, something from one of the casual articles over on the main site. At the time, my Magic budget was literally lunch money (Whatever I didn’t spend eating food at school went directly toward Magic).

I didn’t have enough of anything good to work with the mono or dual colored legends of Kamigawa and Ravnica even if I wanted to. That lead me to the two tricolor legends I had; Zur the Enchanter and Garza Zol, Plague Queen. I don’t remember what lead to my decision then, but judging by my thought process now, I probably saw Garza Zol the same way I do now, she’s boring… Also, she costs too much, but mostly she’s just boring. I don’t remember what kind of ridiculous deck I first had for Zur, but it was horrible – the type of horrible you get only get when you throw together three colors worth of random junk rares, some basic lands, and every bad enchantment that Zur could fetch around then.But that didn’t matter to anyone… Because no one else in my group played EDH. But even if no one else I knew did, I liked the idea, so I kept the deck together.

Intet, the Dreamer
Planar Chaos brought Intet, the first legend I saw that I immediately wanted. As luck would have it, I came across one pretty early on. Sadly I’ve never actually built a deck for her. I have a grand scheme of what she could be, but it’s really just a pipe dream. Realistically, it would just be a mass chaos deck everyone would end up hating me for so for the most part I’m ok with her just being the one that got away. But a hint of her chaos lives on in another deck you’ll read about a bit further down.

Gaddock Teeg
At the time of Lorwyn, I still hadn’t convinced anyone to play EDH. I don’t know what it was, but Teeg made me want to build another deck. Yeah, it was horrible, basically the same way Zur was but made of only two shades of horrible instead of three. Not long after that, my LGS closed. I didn’t really keep up with any of the players there since there was a pretty substantial age difference. So that lead to a kind-of-long time of me just not playing… About three years, or so.

So… [timeskip]

*Because I lack curtains and didn’t have good picture available to use…

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