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The Growth

Somehow a few of my friends I didn’t know back then found out that I played, apparently they did too. Long story short, back to Magic for me! Just casually though. Skip forward a few months: I’ve graduated and somehow we’ve developed a somewhat reasonably sized group. Now is where the fun begins… Or at least the stuff I can remember decently.

Back to Zur
One night I decide to see if I could breathe some playability into my old – now noticeably horrible – EDH deck. I’d never mentioned EDH to my new group until I brought out Zur 2.0. It was still a pretty bad deck, I took more time to build around Zur and make it work… But since I lacked a lot in the form of resources, it was still of a pile of weird… Weird as in I was running Lim-Dul and Teysa, and using Zur to fetch Shifting Sky to feed black and white spirit tokens to He Who Hungers. Yeah, I don’t even know anymore…

Kresh the Bloodbraided
Once they saw the weird fun I was having with that version of Zur, I finally convinced a few people to actually try the format. Of course, at this point most of them were around the stage I was in with Gaddock Teeg. One of them wanted to make a Boros deck but, of course, didn’t have any of the three legends in those colors at the time, he traded me Kresh for Razia, we were both happy and that night I took it upon myself to build Kresh. The first draft was something along the lines of “Big creatures, saproling makers, sac outlets.” While a lot of the cards have changed, that formula is still pretty much the same.

Zur (Again…)
Somewhere around here I realized that I wasn’t having fun with Zur in his weird[ing] state anymore, so I tried to make him a bit better. This lead to the base of what I have now… Which completely unintentionally looked like a hyper-budgetized version of a net deck. Well, certain cards are just good with Zur. Either way, I didn’t like how it was before and I didn’t really like it in this incarnation either, Zur is pretty much in a constant state of being fixed.

Around the time of Innistrad’s release, I finally had an income (Unfortunately that didn’t last as long as I would have liked it to… But because of that, I’m here in-no-way gainfully employed, writing for you) and had found a new LGS not far from where I was working. Since I had absolutely nothing better to spend my money on, I decided to peruse their binders. So many glorious things I wanted, but such limited finances to actually spend. I didn’t leave the store with much that day, just 100 red sleeves and a glorious foil Thraximundar. It started as a control deck full of edicts with a zombie tribal subtheme. Luckily, its identity developed rather quickly once I decided it was time to add a few (as many as I could find) wheels and ‘walkers. Wheels, because I already had a graveyard theme going, and planeswalkers because I realized that I could actually have a full planeswalker curve from 2-8 in the deck and didn’t have a reason not to.

Mayael the Anima
Not long after obtaining Thrax, someone from a different circle of friends approached me wanting to sell some cards. $20 for the box he had with him, plus something like $60 for a backpack full of boxes, binders, and sleeves (all full). It was hard to resist that offer alone, knowing some of the things he had, but I only had to look through the first few cards in the box to know I wanted it right away. It was a glorious pile of elves, and all I needed to see to be sold was Mayael. Having Zur, Thrax, and Kresh already, I knew I had to make a deck for each shard, and Mayael and an unknown amount of elves and other things was beyond a good start. Somehow, though, I wound up putting off making the deck until Avacyn Restored… At that point, everyone agreed that the box of AVR was yelling at me to make the deck by giving me a foil Gisela, Malignus, and Primal Surge… Ok Mr. (Mrs.?) Booster Box, I’ll take the hint.

Bant (Rafiq of the Many/Rubinia Soulsinger/Treva, the Renewer)
I had Treva from the Phyrexia vs. The Coalition duel decks, but alone she was boring and wasn’t something I wanted to build around. One day, the store owner tells me he’d found a FtV: Legends in the back and actually offers it to me for less than MSRP. No questions here, I’m sold and I now have a solid Bant general to build around… Well, I have a general; I might as well find some stuff to work with while I’m here. To the binders! Less than five minutes later, I find myself staring at a Legends Rubinia Soulsinger for only $2. How could I pass up a Legends legend that fit so well? This deck pretty much developed itself in every obscure way possible. I’m not even sure how, honestly. My friends like to call it “Weird Name EDH” because of the amount of legendary creatures in it with names they find obscure.

Full size is my desktop and Facebook cover

Shard deck group shot

For a while, that was all. Each of them found their place and were got slowly developed into things I liked as most of my group did the same, some even building decks I never would have expected of them (Niv Mizzet, Rhys, Jhoira…)

But, being a deckbuilder at heart, I couldn’t just stop…

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