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The Obsession

Iname as One
Sometimes random things catch my eye… Iname was one of them. Being a pure fun deck, I don’t care if I don’t get the first ability (though we have house rules in place to allow it); it lets me play the other two in the same deck. Enter Sprit-Zombie-Door Tribal Reanimator. I can hear your confusion now, and I’m in the past. Spirit tribal. Zombie tribal. Reanimation. Ok, pretty simple… Door tribal? Yes, door tribal. I realized that having both  Door of Destinies and Cellar Door in foil gave me 2/3 of Magic’s Doors in glorious shiny form… And they both just happened to  support the tribal themes I was already using. Having a greater percentage of the game’s doors than I do Spirits or Zombies lets me say that the deck includes Door Tribal… It’s also about 40% direct and roundabout reanimation; I threw in literally every reanimation spell or variant I could find. So begins the onslaught of extremely casual random fun decks.

Iname as Two

5Color (Progenitus, usually, or whichever 5 color legend I feel like using)
I have all of this stuff I’m never going to use anywhere else… Why not make a deck out of it! Yeah, that was pretty simple. And cascade, because why not?

Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite
Norn is too small for Mayael and too untutorable for Bant and Zur. First world problems! So I gave her her own deck. That lasted exactly two days.

If it tells you anything, I went through three drafts of this article before I remembered I had made Memnarch for about a day, then it was taken apart to use in the next two…

Zedruu the Greathearted
We don’t have enough political games and Zedruu doesn’t fit well in 5color… So why not? She also has the chaotic remnants of what I would have given to Intet.

Karn, Silver Golem
Norn didn’t really fit anywhere in this pile of decks, the five shards each have their enemies, and Zedruu happens to be the colors Iname isn’t… I should make a colorless deck to be 5C’s enemy! So, enter Karn… Why Karn? Not flavor or anything like that. Thanks to the wonders of irony, it was because the other two legal colorless legends are in my 5color deck.

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