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The Now

I guess that’s pretty much it. It’s like I showed you my deck’s baby pictures… You never really want someone to, but they will anyways. Some are cute, others are ugly… But unlike babies, you can tell me that my deck is ugly and I won’t say a damn thing… Probably.

As for Zur, well, he’s out of that awkward phase and is now a pretty solid deck I love. Sure, there are some things in there you’ll find in every list online, but that’s just part of life. And as much as you want to hate me or Zur just for that, just remember that not everyone plays the same cards the same way.

Looking back at Robert’s introduction, I like the mission statement/goals thing he did, so here’s my version of it:

Community: I’d like to look at the format from each type of player’s perspective and see what each they want and how to best achieve those goals within the format. Some specific ideas I have are discussions of what “casual” means as well as “budget” decks (it’s not what you think).

Strategy: I don’t have a clear direction here, but a few thoughts on what I’d like to do include proper usage of politics and in depth discussions of game concepts (like card advantage) and how they apply in Commander as opposed to other formats.

Technology: What better way to find new things than looking at every card that exists? I’ll try to do some full set reviews, but given the nature of the column, I’ll probably just show the highlights of each set and post the rest of them as videos or something.

Also, take note of this column’s title; “Unexpected Results.” So, expect the unexpected and other such cliches. Everything is subject to change, because they can… And because I might have sudden inspiration or something.

Well, I guess that’s all I have for my introduction, next time on Unexpected Results… I have no clue, that’s what makes it unexpected. I don’t have a set type of topic I want to write about. Maybe you should suggest something. If not, they (whoever “they” are) might just end up assigning me something… Who knows?

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