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ohlookapictureI’ll leave this picture of my cat expressing her hatred of Wild Nacatls here, because I’m not one to deny the internet their cat pictures. If you actually care about what’s going on with Sasaya this week, though, read on. Apologies for the complete lack of decent formatting or image inclusion, WordPress isn’t cooperating with me today, I’ll fix that as soon as I can.

Proof that I was right to name her Mia instead of Naya.

Today, I start building Sasaya’s deck.

My first step in building any deck is just finding things and putting them into a list and then making cuts later, meaning that nothing I talk about today is final, just my thoughts on cards that may fit into the deck.

Sasaya is a bit weird in that she wants land searching, but doesn’t want it to be ramp. So, I’ll start looking at green card draw and non-ramp searching.

Card Drawing:
Abundance – Draw lands until I need to draw something else, then stop drawing them for the rest of the game. A bit expensive at 4 mana, but probably worth it.

Citanul Woodreaders – Kicker Divination. At six mana, this most likely won’t get kicked until it’s filling my hand with creatures instead of lands, but at that point it’s what I want.

Drumhunter – Even though this is a high mana production deck already, most of my lands want to stay in my hand, so creature mana is still important, plus this guy eventually becomes card advantage too.

Edge of Autumn – I’m honestly not sure about this one, but it’s always in the preliminary list for any green deck I make and this one will be no different.

Elfhame Sanctuary – Like Abundance, but cheaper.

Elvish Visionary – A blocker that might replace itself with a Forest.

Gempalm Strider – If I end up with enough elves, I might put it in.

Gilt-Leaf Archdruid – WooDreaders and Drumhunter are druids, and I’ve always wanted to use this guy… (And yes, I am the person that would use its last ability if I ever got the chance.)

Dredge cards – Life from the Loam certainly seems worth using, especially with something like Mulch – Depending on how many creatures I end up running, Golgari Grave-Troll could be worth trying too…

Harmonize – It’s a staple for a reason, and that reason is even better here.

Krosan Tusker – Uncounterable green Divination; this is another card that is always in the initial list for my green decks.

Masked Admirers – EtB draw and recursion to go with the Dredge? Sounds good to me.

Savage Hunger – Trample is good, so is cycling. Sure, it’s horribly overcosted, but by the time I’d ever be playing it the cost would be insignificant.

Slice in Twain – I do love cantrip removal…

Snake Umbra – Protection, card advantage, and flavor? Sounds good to me.

Triumph of Ferocity – Not sure how many giant creatures I’ll end up with, but it’s worth a spot in the first draft.

Wall of Blossoms – The exact opposite of what Triumph of Ferocity is looking for, but it still cycles itself.

Yavimaya Elder – A staple, a druid, and exactly what this deck wants.

Nonramp Searching:
Borderland Ranger/Civic Wayfinder – They seem decent enough for what I’m looking for and Wayfinder has dual tribal interactions.

Cultivate/Kodama’s Reach – I don’t know if these count, I’m putting them on this list becase they also put one into hand.

Elvish Harbinger – The elf count is rising, plus it’s a druid.

Evolution Charm – I mentioned this one last week, a geneRally great card in every mode.

Fertilid – Ok, this one is actually ramp, but it’s also a card I’d like to try out politically.

Gaea’s Bounty – Like Cultivate but without that pesky “put one of them onto the battlefield” part.

Greenseeker – Turns all of my nonForests into Forests and fuels Dredge.

Journey of Discovery – Another Gaea’s Bounty, but it can put them into play once Sasaya has flipped.

Natural Balance – Another that doesn’t belong on this part of the list, but it came up in my search. It also has potential political applications, but can also help rein in an out of control ramp player. Everyone with less lands will also probably hate you slightly less.

Rites of Spring – I love this cycle, especially Rites of Spring. Turn any number of nonForests in your hand into Forests!

Seek the Horizon – At four mana, I’m unsure of it, but it seems worth trying.

Sprouting Vines – Instant speed land search storm, a hilarious way to interact with a counter war and likely to fill your hand at the end of any particularly interaction heavy turn.


That’s all for today with Sasaya, next time I come back to her, I’ll be getting to the parts of the deck that are more exciting than filling your hand. If you have any card suggestions, let me know in the comments.
And while you’re down there, help decide who her opponent should be. We’re now into the semifinals. Who do you think should win in each match up?

Azami, Lady of Scrols vs. Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief

Sun Quan, Lord of Wu vs. Vela the Night-Clad

Bonus Content!
Since today was a bit low on real commentary, how about I give you a few random cards of the day? (“a few” meaning however many it takes for me to get bored.)

March of Souls – A 5 cost splashable wrath; I’m surprised I’ve never seen it before. This seems like it could find a home in a monowhite Norn or Avacyn deck or any black/white or white/red deck that uses things like Curse of Death’s Hold, Powerstone Minefield, Lightmine Field, or Caltrops. (New Teysa or Tariel maybe?)

Serpent Warrior – No, don’t play this… Unless of course you’re making some kind of black snake tribal deck, in that case go right ahead.

Kaervek’s Purge – I actually found one of these a while ago and got it without reading it just for the art. Its uses seem a bit limited, sure it takes out small things for relatively cheap, but the best thing I could see happening with it is hitting an unprotected Omnath (though that would be hilarious).

Plains – If you’re playing a white deck, you might want at least one of these.

Scalding Devil – Well… If you want a really expensive Fireball over time, I guess this guy can help. If it says anything, it’s still standard legal and I forgot it existed.

Dread Wight – It actually gives creatures a temporary Paralyze! And that art… I kind of want to build a zombie tribal deck just to use this.

Urza’s Mine – I’ve never seen an effective Tron deck in EDH… I do have 1 of each in my Karn deck though, just in case.

Cleansing Meditation – Enchantment hate for enchantment decks. Seems like something Uril, Rafiq, and Zur would appreciate. I think I might get one for Zur’s wishboard.
Today I learned: Autocard Anywhere doesn’t interact well with WordPress… That or it interacts wonderfully, I’m not sure which. Maybe next time I’ll combine my usual auto-tags with it and see how that turns out...

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