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ohlookapictureToday starts our cross-article project; building a deck around one of the new legends, voted on by you, the audience.
Before we get started, though, I should mention that there was a tie between Gahiji and Shattergang Brothers. Being the first one to take on the deck, I was given the tie-breaking vote. So, Shattergang Brothers it is!

So, how does one build around the brothers? My first thoughts went toward stax/group slug style control-ish deck.
So, here’s the list I decided t start with; let’s call it version 1.382.
Now, for a quick rundown of my choices.
The mana base – I went basic heavy here to to In order to maximize the Horizon Spellbomb, Destructive Flow, and Natural balance and minimize the drawbacks of playing lands via Crucible of Worlds.
The Spells – A bit of spot removal, an inexpensive Wrath, and some recursion. Natural Balance helps to bring down ramp players and can serve to thin your own deck with the help of Zuran Orb (Not as fun as with the original Balance, but it’s close enough).Creatures
Akki Blizzard-Herder – Shattergang doesn’t have an LD mode, so why not give it one while making your opponents sacrifice a creature too?
Deathrite Shaman – Targeted graveyard hate, utility, a body… What more could you ask for from a 1drop?
Epochrasite – A cheap artifact creature, that recurs itself for further use.
Huntmaster of the Fells – Two bodies, repeatable removal and token generation, and an efficient creature. He also usually makes for some good tension in games with spell-heavy decks.
Ib Halfheart, Goblin Tactician – Turn your extra lands into extra creatures to sacrifice or a surprise Krenko assault.
Liquimetal Coating – Oh, your opponents are lacking in artifacts? Now you can give them some. (I suggest lands and planeswalkers)
Spellbombs – No matter how you sacrifice them, you can still get their draws.
Null Rod – Sure, artifacts do nothing, but they can still be sacrificed.
Strionic Resonator – Sure, I try to fit this into every deck, but there’s a good reason to do so; it’s amazing.
Thornbite Staff – Avatar of Woe machine gun, infinite combos with Kiki-Jiki, masses of goblins with Krenko… I’m sure there’s more I overlooked.Enchantments
Destructive Flow – One of the reasons for making this basic-heavy, something the brothers don’t and does it well.
Necrogenesis – Graveyard hate that gets rid of creature cards that makes creature tokens that you can sacrifice to Shattergang Brothers to get more creatures in graveyards… Cyclical!
Phyrexian Reclamation – Cheap recursion
Tainted AEther – Decisions decisions… But Crucible of Worlds makes that decision easy.
Words of Waste – Replace your Spiteful Visions] and [card]Fecundity draws with forcing your opponent to discard.Next week Eric and Chris will up the competitiveness then rip the staples out of this deck, and the following week, Nole will make sure it doesn’t violate the social contract too much.

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